The Touch-Point Between the Vendors, Telecommunications Companies and Customers

How does Lidera add value to your business?

We adapt and tailor the technologies to meet the specific needs of the businesses in the local market. The ability to create tailor-made cybersecurity solutions makes us an indispensable agent between partners, their customers and vendors.

Flexible technology

Flexible technology:

Lidera understands that every project is unique and that’s why we adapt according to the specific requirements of each business and the markets in which they are carrying out their activities. We transform the technology supplied by the vendor so that it can be integrated effectively with the platforms and services of Telco’s.

Adapting to the models of the local market

Adapting to the models of the local market:

Our extensive knowledge of the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American markets allows us to adapt the most cutting-edge technologies to the local markets.

Involvement in the development of new business models

Involvement in the development of new business models:

We actively and continuously collaborate in creating new business models adapted for the Telco market.

Trustworthy relationships

Trustworthy relationships:

Every interaction is conducted with candor and honesty, which leads to the creation of solid and long-lasting relationships with all our customers. Lidera is committed to absolute transparency in all its day-to-day communications.

First-line technical support

First-line technical support:

We offer you a professional technical service with highly qualified personnel who are flexible in terms of adjusting to your needs, based on the market in which you operate.

Reputation and trustworthiness

Reputation and trustworthiness:

The success of our projects has made us a trustworthy and reputable partner within the market.

SaaS for SME’s and Households – Managed Services

Lidera has a single, integrated partner services platform for the management of licenses, technical support and incident resolution. Through this service we offer you the possibility to provide your customers with powerful and innovative cybersecurity technologies through a SaaS model, as well as the possibility of remote management.

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